Is Your Company Vulnerable to Cyber-Crime?

Internet of Things, big data, analytics, globalisation, cloud and related internet issues create new concerns when it comes to corporate data protection and IT security. After a wide range of cyber-attacks the general belief amongst the board of directors now is that no company can be prepared for future hacker attacks. However that must never […]

The Technical Aspects of Privacy by Design and Default

When GDPR is implemented the right and the correct way digitisation can be a contributing factor and make the role and responsibilities of the DPO or CIO a bit easy. However, if not implemented in a structured and holistic way. GDPR can create some threats to the fundamental rights of the individual or data subject. […]

How to address the Dissimilarities between GDPR and Blockchain

The complexities of GDPR both in implementation and enforcement means that old technologies and internal legacy systems with inundated IT platforms cannot solve the GDPR complexities. With the emerging blockchain technologies, there are new avenues to further strengthen data-ownership, transparency and trust between entities and to address the most critical GDPR issues. However specific components […]

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