Join the online Directors Dialog on the 16th November 2020 at 14:30 to 16:30 CET. How can the Board (and senior management) ensure that the company complies with the GDPR regulatory mandates and enactments.

If you want to improve your management skills and participate in this 2h event. You will be charged a small fee of € 100 + VAT.

Agenda & Register: link

E-Compliance Academy is a flexible e-learning platform where access to education and insight material is available any time you want. Students have the luxury of choosing a time of their convenience, to go through school coursework on Data Privacy, Data Protection (GDPR/CCPA), IT-and Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Bribery Fraud and Corruption (BFC), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) components.


Learn Compliance Online

The E-Compliance Academy supports the digital portfolio and footprint by providing several online seminars, workshops on the corporate Compliance components including the topical and timely Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT- and Cyber Security and Good Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) both as broad subjects and hands-on topic.

Talk to Our Experts

Do you have a question or an enquiry related to Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT- and Cyber Security and Good Governance, Risk Management and Compliance issues. Send us an email, and we will have a member of our online advisory panel to give you a response based on the trends and disruptions impacting GDPR, IT security or GRC issues.

Communicate with People

Join our GDPR/GRC Networks.

Each of the online eLearning seminars consists of:

  • Pre-reading material
  • 150-250 slides presentation with notes on each slide
  • Trainers speak on each of the 15-25 chapters
  • 15-25 exercises, for study or discussion
  • Certification exam(s) consisting of 40-60 multiple choice questions
  • A set of templates, policies, and procedures
  • Certificate of attendance with CPE points



Each single user license for Euro 290,00 excl. VAT per module/ Or Euro 500,00 excl. VAT for two modules/ Or Euro 690,00 excl. VAT for any three e-learning modules.


Get certified and keep your knowledge up-to-date (links to the certification eSeminars)

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