Procedure to register, sign-in and take the on-line seminar



Introduction to eSeminars


When you have decided to participate in a particular online course:
  1. You have to register for the seminar(s) and pay for the online course through Paypal.
  2. After the registration is received by us, we will forward you an invoice, including VAT.
  3. After we have received the payment either through a bank transfer or thru PayPal
  4. After the payment is received, we will send you a confirmation and pre-reading material
  5. After you have sent the payment, create a profile by signing in as a new user. Create a Profile.
  6. Send us an email that you have created a profile and we will send you a confirmation and pre-reading material
  7. After you have read the pre-reading material and are ready to take the seminar
  8. Sign in with the username and password: (The Name you want on your Certificate) and your email
  9. After you have signed in, you will be registered for the course by us, with your username and email, and we will send you the final instructions and links to start the course.
  10. Please sign in (with username and password) and start to read the Introduction to a seminar and the main ppt presentation
  11. If you have questions during the course, please collect them send them to us here:
  12. After you have completed the online course, you can take the examination provided on the last page of the presentation
  13. Please complete the exam after you start without pause or break. It is an open exam, and you can use all the books and material provided. You do not need to turn on the camera for monitoring, as we respect your privacy. Depending on the course, you have either 70 minutes (40 questions) or 90 minutes (50 questions). You can only give the exam once per registration.
  14. You need 60% correct answers to get certified. Re-examination when you have 50% correct answers.
  15. Less than 50% right answers and the participant gets personal or online guidance on the questions that were incorrect and reading material will be provided after which a re-exam can be taken.
  16. At each re-exam, a new registration link will be given.
  17. Send us an email after you have finished the exam and based on your performance, we will send you the well-deserved certification!



Each single user license for Euro 290,00 excl. VAT per module/ Or Euro 500,00 excl. VAT for two modules/ Or Euro 690,00 excl. VAT for any three e-learning modules.