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    The Foundation Course Content, GDPR foundation
    A1 - Foundation (FAS)A2 - DPO, Data Controller, Data Processor (DPO)A3 - Practitioner (CEP)A4 - GDPR And CCPA Staff Awareness E-Learning CoursesA5 - Social Media Staff Awareness E-Learning CourseA6 - GDPR Refresher certification course for participants with FAS, DPO, CEP or similar certification

    Cybersecurity Foundation
    B1 - Cybersecurity Foundation CertificationB2 - IT Security Foundation CertificationB3 - Information Security, Staff Awareness E-Learning CourseB4 - Cybersecurity, Staff Awareness E-Learning CourseB5 - IT- And Cybersecurity Risk Management, Phishing And RansomwareB6 - Develop Your Holistic IT- And Cybersecurity Roadmap And Framework

    GRC-F. Foundation training
    C1 - GRC-F. Foundation training with certificationC2 - GRC-O. Officer training with certification C3 - GRC-D. Director training With certificationC4 - GRC-A. Audit Certification for Companies and IT Tool

    Build Your Compliance Program
    D1 - Build Your Anti-Bribery, Fraud, And Anti-Corruption Compliance ProgramD2 - Foundation Certification On Bribery, Fraud And Corruption

    Foundation Certification On CSR
    E1 - Foundation Certification On CSRE2 - Foundation Certification On ESG

    Business Ethics & Corporate Culture
    F1 - Business Ethics & Corporate Culture Top of FormF2 - Foundation CertificationF3 - How To Build And Sustain An Effective Ethics And Compliance ProgramF4 - Corporate Code Of Conduct For Employee Behaviour, Management Inspiration And Corporate Values

    GDPR Opdatering og drift
    DK1 - GDPR- for begynder, opfølgning, opfriskning og implementering med eksam og Practitioner (CEP) certificering

    Whistleblower Foundation Course
    Foundation Course

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