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E-Compliance Academy, The EUGDPR Institute, The Information Security Institute, and Copenhagen Compliance® Staff Awareness E-Learning Courses

Improve your Data Privacy, Data Protection, GDPR, PDP, CCPA, IT and Data Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Bribery, Fraud and Corruption (BFC), Corporate Culture, Ethics and Integrity (CIS) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Board of Directors Responsibilities, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and customised training and awareness e-learning courses. All our eLearning awareness training courses are developed by experts, and they are designed to give your staff the knowledge they need to protect your organisation's privacy data while performing their roles and responsibilities, in compliance with relevant standards, laws and IT- and cybersecurity best practices. Our staff awareness e-learning courses are planned to deliver consistent, accurate training to staff members, enabling your organisation to adhere to global standards or comply with Regulations. Our e-learning courses are hosted on behalf of our associated companies The EUGDPR Institute, The Information Security Institute, and Copenhagen Compliance® that have provided overall and customised Compliance services and bespoke global GRC, IT security CSR, BFC, CIS, SOX solutions since 2005.
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Bespoke e-learning programs for building corporate culture, corporate values and stakeholder satisfaction. For bespoke e-learning, request a quote 

If you need to challenge a particular topic or a condition that is prevalent in your organisation with a personalised knowledge solution, send us an email with your reflections on the dilemma, and we will provide you with a customised response and a tailored quote.

Our eLearning courses are available in a wide range of GDPR, IT- and Cybersecurity, GRC and BFC and CSR/ESG, Board Responsibilities, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Developing Corporate Culture, Ethics and Integrity topics including;

  • Personal online courses at five certification levels. Foundation, Officer, Practitioner, Professional, Director
  • Corporate certification courses. e.g. GDPR or Cybersecurity Promoter
  • In-house training courses
  • Staff awareness and training to comply with GDPR articles:
    • Article 5(1)(f) of the GDPR concerns the integrity and confidentiality of personal data. Therefore management must provide appropriate initial and refresher training, including the accountability responsibilities of the data controller;
    • Article 47 requires relevant data protection training for personnel having permanent or regular access to personal data.
    • Article 39 requires that the data protection officer shall be involved to monitor compliance with the GDPR Regulation through awareness-raising training of staff involved in the processing operation and activities
    • Article 37, in the GDPR, includes among the tasks of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) awareness-raising and training of staff involved in the processing operations.
    • Under Article 43, of the GDPR requires the appropriate data protection training to personnel having permanent or regular access to personal data (with Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs).
  • Customised staff awareness and training courses. 3-5 minute presentations with updates and the latest trends. e.g. customised types of cyberattacks.
  • Increase staff awareness of information security issues at your organisation includes the many components of IT Governance to improve your Data and Security with staff awareness e-learning courses
  • We deliver reliable, precise and relevant training to staff members, enabling the organisation to follow the best practices, observe the global standards and comply with the regulations.
  • The range of our cybersecurity staff awareness courses, are from Phishing and Ransomware to IT, Data Security and Cybersecurity awareness essentials

The Benefits of E-Compliance Academy' E-Learning Courses


E-Compliance Academy e-learning programs deliver cost-effective training if you have an internet connection and your computer. We provide an entire range of Data Privacy, Data Protection, GDPR, CCPA, IT and Data Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Bribery, Fraud and Corruption (BFC), Corporate Culture, Ethics and Integrity (CIS) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Internal Controls online seminars to maximise your compliance’s effectiveness – without compromising cost-efficiency. Our online eLearning seminars will transform the organisation into a technology-enabled business function so that a compliance failure does not wreak the spirit of the organisation’s reputation and customer relationships that negatively impact growth and profitability targets for the company.

Simplified learning

E-Compliance Academy e-learning programs simplify complex GDPR, GRC. IT and Cybersecurity, Board of Director's responsibilities, and CSR concepts by providing pre-reading materials for all seminars to understand, learn at your own pace, around workloads. Our e-learning courses focus on global best practice and maintain your accreditations and regulatory compliance. Multiple-choice exams will assess the understanding of the topic and awards a printable certificate when the test is passed. You need 50% correct to take a retest and 60% correct answers for certification that is valid for two years.


Each single-user license for one seminar is Euro 290,00 excl. VAT per module/ Or Euro 500,00 excl. VAT for two modules/ Or Euro 690,00 excl. VAT for any three e-learning modules.

E-learning FAQs

The eLearning and certification language is English. After registration, we will send you an invoice. After the payment is made and received, we will first provide you with links to the pre-reading material for each module one at a time. After your confirmation, that you have gone through the pre-reading material, one license for the E-learning link will be granted for each of the three GDPR/CCPA modules (Foundation, DPO and Practitioner) at a time. The same applies to all other training incl. GRC, BFC, CSR etc. You can proceed to each consecutive module after passing the exam for the previous module. Pre-reading material for each of the modules will also be provided after passing the exam. The exams given after each module has 30 questions for the Foundation course and 50 questions for the DPO and Practitioner modules; however, the Practitioner module has ten scenarios. All exam questions are based on multiple choice answers. You need 60% to pass, with a re-exam option if you get minimum 50% correct. (individual coaching on skype is provided to pass the exam. The certificate is valid for two years after that you can take an online refresher course to validate the certificate for another two years. After each module, it is possible to get a response to any questions that you may have on the subject matter. We also conduct online classroom seminars. Please look at the website for details