Data Privacy/Data Protection. GDPR Certification Masterclass – Foundation

  • Efficiency. By reading the pre-reading material, before commencing on the online seminar, you are aware of the basics and the necessary information before the new terminology hist you during the online masterclass. Reading the content will you up to speed on the topics that will be ‘discussed’ in the presentation. The result is efficiency with better outcomes.
  • Better questions and discussions. Since you have a grasp on the fundamental data privacy and Data protection and IT security information in advance, when you go through the presentation, your questions are more profound and more thought-provoking, which makes the virtual conversation more robust. After going through some of the presentation or chapters you will have more time to think some of the issues through and can make a thorough, and reasoned basis for enhanced questioning.
  • Level the playing field. Just as during the face-to-face seminar some of the participants in the group get all the attention because they are the extroverts who speak loudest or make the most dynamic language. This is much different in an online eLearning seminar. When you have read the pre-reading material, it will solicit nuanced thoughts and will be able to think clearly, allowing the best ideas and strategies to surface, when you go thru the presentation on your own.
  • Strategic thinking. The online seminar content will be clearly articulated with a point of view that supports facts and data. While a PowerPoint slide often lists facts and figures or a checklist both on a basic, intermediate and advanced level, a pre-reading material requires deep thinking and a narrative, to make a case or draw a conclusion. In today’s fast-paced digital world—any opportunity to strengthens the ‘internal’ discussions on a data Privacy, Data Protection IT or cybersecurity issue is extremely relevant.
  • A record of ideas and decisions. If you miss a point during the online seminar, the material is available to provide background and context to make sure that you have some documentation to refer to. The material, together with the complete slide deck serves as a record of the reasoning behind the presentation that you will make and can be revisited in the future.
  • Save the material, make it searchable, add them to a learning management system, use them for further in-house training, and more. The result is a permanent record of why you and your company is where it is that it can be used to help build a future vision.
  • We do not spend time at the Foundation level going thru (each) GDPR article in chronological order. We have gone through all articles for you and structured the presentation course based on an implementation model and approach, with ISO 27001 and 27701-2 as guiding factor for conducting the entire presentation as a hands-on execution and monitoring exercise.

The EU GDPR Foundation Certification Course Content

  1. The background and significant terminology.
  2. The fundamental differences between the Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.
  3. The GDPR principles and Data Subject’s rights to personal data.
  4. Procedure for Processing Subject Access Requests (access to personal data)
  5. GDPR Privacy rules; marketing requirements and breaches and summary.
  6. The implementation track to EU GDPR compliance:
    • Privacy by Design and Default
    • The What, When and How of Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA)
    • Conducting Data audits
    • Training and competence requirements
    • Incident response and breach reporting
    • Updating policies and procedures
    • The multijurisdictional & territorial scope of the EU GDPR
    • International data transfers
    • Code of Conduct and certifications
    • and much more….
    • Details on Foundation (FAS) certification masterclass see:


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