Data Privacy/Data Protection Practitioner. GDPR Certification Masterclass –

You can sign up for the Practitioner (Certified Expert Practitioner) certification seminar after completing the Foundation (FAS) and DPO certification.

The Practitioner certification is essential for anyone who is involved in implementing, execution, supporting and monitoring GDPR compliance in their organisation. Understand how to apply for adequate privacy and information security compliance program in line with the GDPR with the Practitioner (CEP) certification training course. The Practitioner certification seminar has approx. two hundred and fifty slides, seventeen chapters, eleven study cases, and seven concluding GDPR, Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT-and Cybersecurity related workshop presentations.

The Learning Outcomes and Primary Focus Areas:

Certified Expert Practitioner (CEP) GDPR Certification Masterclass

Introduction To The Practitioner E-Learning Seminar

Part I.

  • The Overview Of GDPR Regulation
  • The Components, Significance And Security Of Personal- And Privacy Data
  • Prepare A Risk-Based GDPR Roadmap And Framework
  • GDPR Best Practices And Global Standards

Part II.

  • The GDPR Mandate Components
  • The Policies And Procedures Obligatory To Comply
  • The Policies And Procedures Necessary To Comply

Part III.

GDPR Key Compliance Components

  • The GDPR Mandate Components
  • The Why And How: Perform A Data Mapping Exercise
  • How To Use A Compliance Gap Analysis Assessment Tool
  • Personal Data Transfer Outside The EU
  • How To Demonstrate Compliance?
  • Overview Of Global Data Privacy Laws
  • GDPR And CCPA Comparison
  • GDPR Definitions

Part IV.


  • Cybersecurity And Risk Management
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Addressing Cyber Threats
  • Privacy, Data & Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Key Components Of 3rd Party Compliance
  • Cyber, IT, Data And GDPR Vulnerabilities
  • Create A Privacy Culture

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  • After the seminar you give the online Practitioner Certification Exam


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