• When we cannot explain ESG, we call it net zero or carbon neutral.
  • When we cannot explain CSR, we call it sustainability.

ESG/CSR should be the corporate effort to invest in environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors in all decision-making processes. Therefore, it is surprising how little corporate awareness exists around implementing this critical topic. Did you know that many corporations need to be made aware of ESG implementation and its aims?

Therefore the Woke movement (aware of political or cultural issues on marginalisation or social injustice) is having a field day on the adverse effects of CSR/ESG implementation, execution, monitoring, disclosures, and reporting.

The corporate power to impose an ideological agenda.
It may be election chit-chat when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he plans to act against the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) movement, calling it a threat to the American economy and that leveraging corporate power to impose an ideological agenda on society is an alarming trend leveraging corporate power to set an ideological agenda on society represents a disturbing trend. DeSantis has also proposed legislation to stop discriminatory practices by large financial institutions based on the ESG social credit score metric.

In response to multiple pushbacks against ESG, several companies are concerned that alert launderers will accuse them of greenwashing or considerable legislation, standards and guidance prohibiting unfair or deceptive acts or false or misleading environmental claims. The result is that McDonald’s eliminates ESG from sections of their website, as does the garment retailer H&M and sporting goods chain Decathlon. They all have downsized, downplayed, or removed sustainability instead of demonstrating or documenting sustainability claims or compliance to avoid potential criticism from activists.

Unsustainable companies are being warned
Perhaps the negative vibes started with the claim that CSR killed Detroit when several other factors contributed to the collapse, other than not addressing carbon emissions or fuel-efficient cars. Consumers prioritised fuel efficiency and environmental concerns rather than the traditional gas-guzzling vehicles produced by Detroit.

If companies are not prepared to address the fundamental issues in their uphill battle on sustainability, implement processes that comply with the mandatory growing net of sustainability rules and regulations, execute methods that address the regulatory demand for transparency and accountability and understand the cultural meaning of diversity, fairness and demonstrate with evidence that sustainability is not an add-on but all processes are sustainable due to greater focus on material issues, clean manufacturing practices and improved business performance.

Esgueira for compliance with legislation, standards, and ideas for the implementing sustainability
To address the global regulations, standards, and frameworks on ESG and sustainability, Esgueira has seen the ESG/CSR light. International legislation on corporate green transition is booming, and so are the new revolutionary sustainability products, and great sustainability ideas are popping up in the global corporate and business environment.

These are the primary reasons why The Corporate Governance Institute by Copenhagen Compliance has developed Esgueira to address the legislation, standards, products, and ideas for the global sustainability certification for CSR/ESG thinkers and companies in the green transition.

The Esgueira certification program provides the right ESG mindset to adapt, transform, and trigger a response to a new corporate reality on sustainability issues. The board of directors, board committee members, executives, CxO, ESG/CSR officers, investors, lawyers, auditors, and consultants will benefit from the customised design of the ESG/CSR certification training program. The ESG certificate course language is English. The Esgueira sustainability certification courses aim at decision-makers and practitioners who need inspiration and certification to succeed with the green transition.

You can find the certification framework here, and the certification curriculum here .