The Board of Directors (BoD), Senior Management and CxO must provide the confidence and stability and take the appropriate level of IT Governance that includes the components of Risk Management, and compliance to comply with all IT- and Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Data Protection, issues and processes.

In many (new) compliance mandates there is an explicit requirement to adhere to the accountability and transparency principle that requires the stakeholders to refresh the Tome-at-The-Top and take the lead on IT Governance implementation, monitoring and execution on the organisation.

Multiple surveys indicate that the senior management does not understand the intricacies and technology that violate the soft or hard law on acceptable corporate IT governance practices and cannot provide the tone, leadership, and stewardship. The result has been almost a decade of uncertainty when the markets hit tough patches when major cyber-attack or data Privacy/IT security breaches affect the brand and reputation damage to the organisation. Some of the other findings from the survey are:

  • A reasonable interest in good corporate IT and data governance to deliver better long-term results and the confidence and stability needed to address the appropriate level of risks.
  • Stakeholders’ challenges regarding top-line growth opportunities and uncertainties due to lack of digitisation, data transformation, non-compliance or uncontrolled IT risks are numerous.
  • Combined, you will get the strategic agility by integrating planned thinking with insights on digitisation with the latest techniques, and practical ideas for the data transformation journey.

Identify the Issue:

  • Modern IT Governance to Protect Against Risk
  • Governance technology is lagging. How to digest an immense quantity of complex information in short periods.
  • How to focus on foresight, security, transparency, accountability, cyber risk, regulatory compliance, diversity and global uncertainty

Detect the Problems:

  • Accessible data to help alleviate the governance deficit based on available data
  • Data is stored in disparate systems (not updated or shared with other systems or users) Noncompliance and Conflict with GDPR
  • Provide notifications on updating data/information to avoid data quickly becoming obsolete.
  • Non-secure file-sharing apps, personal email accounts/business email accounts give a risk of sharing sensitive data haphazardly, and virtually anyone in the world can access board materials.
  • The lack of timely information puts board directors at a substantial competitive disadvantage and increases the chance of a severe risk like cybercrime, data leaks or regulatory mishaps.
  • Sudden and unexpected cyber crises exacerbate and compound existing problems for CEOs and leadership teams.

Find the Solutions!

  • How to empower leaders with technology, insights and processes to result in good governance.
  • Implement good IT Governance to address digitisation, market volatility, thrive and to be sustainable.
  • Focus on IT Governance to avoid taking risks with sensitive data. Identify the processes, systems, software and digital tools that ensure that sensitive data and all (board and management) communications are secure.
  • All critical data and documents are categorised, updated, referenced, and filed in a centralised, secure electronic location for appropriate compliance and easy retrieval.
  • The goal must be that organisation is agile, ethical, and compliant in their responses.

Membership of the Dialog Directors Dialogue (apply: gives you access to online webinars, training and certification sessions to improve and deliver best practices in IT risk governance:

  • We provide boardroom guidance to navigate the challenges shaping the GDPR, IT, Data and Cybersecurity issues of Data Protection, Data Privacy in the international business environment.
  • The Directors Dialogue develops guidance on new technologies, disclosures and reporting with management related to IoT, Big Data, 5G, Databases, Unstructured IT platforms, Digitisation and Cybersecurity issues.
  • The sessions will help you, your colleagues, management and the organisation enhance and improve Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT and Cybersecurity operations.

Participate at the IT Governance Day on 18th February 2021

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