Happy New 2021

The final stretch of 2020 or the beginning of the launch of the 2021 decade. And what a disruption 2020 was!

All businesses felt the business and corporate impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the globe. We all had to navigate in rough seas to address a broad range of the interrelated pandemic issues that span from keeping the stakeholders safe, cash and liquidity, repositioning operations and steering through or clear of complicated support programs. We trust that despite the corporate distractions, you achieved business accomplishments, successes, and events.

As usual, it is now time for reflections—how to carry out our goals in 2021? Do we see the light at the end of the tunnel, or is it an approaching locomotive? How to address and find solutions to some of the pressing but deferred corporate issues; are we getting a firm grip on the crucial compliance issues that take considerable time and effort to fulfil?

— Weighing the above prominent issues together with concerns like corporate health (Good Governance and IT Governance) the risks and rewards, and the corporate contributions through CSR, ESG, SDG’s will probably continue to be on the top of the directors and the corporate agenda.

At the Copenhagen Compliance® Group (including The EUGDPR Institute and The e-compliance.academy and The Information-Security.Institute, 2020 was another significant year. Once again, we addressed and explained the topical and timely global GRC, GDPR Data Protection, Privacy, and IT-Security issues at seminars, workshops, conferences, roundtables and fireside chats.

The year started with training and certification assignments in Pune (India) Budapest (Hungary) and Amman (Jordan) and the annual DPO day in Copenhagen (Denmark) however from early march our GRC, Data Privacy, Protection, GDPR and IT Security tasks ended abruptly. We resaddled delivering the GRC and GDPR Foundation, DPO/Controller/Processer and Practitioner certification masterclasses annual conferences from individual focused groups to conduct everything online both as classrooms and self-paced certification courses.

The new contribution to our portfolios is the monthly classroom certification seminars, https://www.e-compliance.academy/online-certification-classroom-training/ and the Director’s Dialogue on GDPR reporting to the Board of Directors.

In 2021 we plan to offer the following:

Events in 2021 Dates
3-day GDPR FAS, DPO, CEP online classroom certification 19-21st January 2021
The International DPO Day 28th January 2021
The International CSR/ESG Day 18th February 2021
09:00 to 13:00 CET
The International IT Governance Day 18th February 2021
1:00 to 5:00 PM CET
3-day GDPR FAS, DPO, CEP online classroom certification 23-25th February 2021
The International Risk Management Day 11th March 2021
3-day GDPR FAS, DPO, CEP online classroom certification 16-18th March 2021
14th Annual Nordic GRC/GDPR and IT Security Summit 13th April 2021
Directors Dialogue. New EU Whistleblower Directive 28th April 2021
2:00 to 4:00 PM CET
The International Board of Directors Day 4th May 2021
GDPR 3rd Anniversary 25th May 2021
The International Whistleblowers Day 23rd June 2021
The International Corporate Governance Day 17th September 2021
The International Corporate Culture (Ethics/Integrity) Day 21st October 2021
14th Annual European GRC/GDPR and IT Security Summit 4th November 2021
The International IT and Cyber Security Day 30th November 2021
The Anti-Corruption Day 9th December 2021

Other offerings are

We are grateful to all our participants, clients, and stakeholders to be able to continue, since 2005, our global efforts to promote the GRC/GDPR, IT and Cybersecurity pain points. We will continue to provide knowledge, guidance, and solutions to the GRC, GDPR and IT security issues that need attention. We will continue to offer remedies to improve corporate performance through training and certification seminars, workshops, masterclass, and conferences.

We are humbled and thrilled that we can continue our efforts to make a global impact on GRC, Data Privacy, Protection, GDPR and IT Security scene. We will continue to develop new and innovative improvements as we embark on this new decade so that you and your company can continue to grow, create and share the knowledge, guidance and innovations for the common good.

Thank You for Your Support In 2021. We Look Forward to continued dialogue in 2021. Happy New Year! Wishing you corporate joy every working day of 2021.

Kersi F. Porbunderwalla
+45 21210616
+91 9920801838

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