The Champion/Protector/Promoter program for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity training and awareness

Due to the increased focus on Data Privacy, Data Protection, It and Cyber-awareness, training and awareness is the most potent weapon and defence in a business’s arsenal regarding safety, resilience, and protection. The Promoter can develop privacy and the security-savvy team as experience recognises that a Promoter is a champion to teach the team in Data Protection, data privacy and cybersecurity

According to a global survey from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium, worldwide spending on cyber defence products and services will exceed $1trn until 2021. By comparison, the GDP of Africa’s entire content (56 countries) is $2.6 trillion.

Despite the considerable expenditure, there is a significant and exponential increase in cyber-incidents over the previous year. This is a clear sign that all the investment in technology is not enough, and the need to invest in people, training and awareness is huge.

The Promoter for studies to understand online training. Buying state-of-the-art IT tools and security technology is expensive and requires a lot of preparation. Security technology is much more than purchasing, e.g., an antivirus package for the PC and installs it. IT security and cybercrime address the cybercriminals that are targeting workers, through phishing emails and other ploys. The Promoter can ensure that there is an IT and cyber security-savvy team in place in the organisation.

We have created multiple corporate promoter training modules’s so that companies have specialist IT, Data and Security employees to provide on-the-job training, awareness session with examples and expertise so that all employees in all units are well rounded in the basics of Privacy, IT and Cybersecurity.”

It still stands as a shining example of why having a comprehensive, joined-up security strategy is so important – and what can go wrong when not all employees are making the right security choices.

WannaCry and other global cyber-attacks were successful when companies were affected because they failed to apply simple security patches and hit black monitors. Companies must get it right at all levels – with basic security hygiene knowledge and skills for all employees with role-based training aimed at awareness and function-related expertise and abilities.

The Champion to address cyber-risks into business risk. The customised, as well as the training provided by the E-Compliance academy, is structured so that employees at all levels have the knowledge they need because IT and cybersecurity is at the heart of the business and a key organisation development issue due to the following;

  • Ensuring that all employees receive training can pay real dividends for all companies
  • Email phishing is consistently the top weapon of choice for cybercriminals
  • Consider an unusual approach by launching simulated phishing attacks on its employees
  • Scenarios that determine employees’ susceptibility to real-world attacks
  • Communicate findings and results to the company board, not in ‘cyber’ but ‘business.’
  • Communicate cyber-risk into business risk in a simplified manner
  • Recruiting talent for cybersecurity roles to address the digital skills gap in the organisation

The Protector to highlight gaps and skills. E-Compliance academy has developed a Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT-Security program at three-level training and awareness campaign: Champion/Protector/Promoter:

We have prepared a customised internal training program on one or more timely topics: Data Privacy, Data Protection, IT-Security/Cybersecurity. The complete program takes 10-30 hours covering risk and control standards on Data and IT at three levels. Each level concludes with an exam and diploma/certificate for the Information Security Institute participants to go to the next level. The meeting’s scope is to introduce the program, curricula, attendants, evaluation, and support on the above.

Digital innovation continues to change every business. Understanding the threats and opportunities is essential to stay ahead of your market as lack of WannaCry skills infected 400,000 computers worldwide and costing a shocking € 100+m



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