The Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, (GRC) Data Protection, IT- and Cybersecurity Plan for 2021

A GRC Officer must have the ability to foretell how the organisation can steer clear of the uncertainty, possible impending disasters, and potential risks. The officer can later explain why the corporate tragedies did not occur due to the annual focus on the multiple GRC components during the year. (paraphrased from a Winston Churchill quote)

GRC, Data Protection and IT Security professionals must be on top of the current issues and concerns because business and technology are advancing quickly. During the GRC Days, we plan to guide the current corporate GRC policy, amplify the strategic- and digital risks and transform the core responsibilities of GRC and IT management to address the potential impacts that may follow.

Post-COVID issues into uncharted territory

During 2021 we will conduct 12 bespoke GRC Data Protection, IT- and Cybersecurity Days to provide a plan to recalibrate the GRC risk and compliance register; embrace new technologies, identify the issues that will drastically shift the risk landscape. The various GRC days will widen the GRC scope of your risk and data privacy assessments by focusing on data integrity risks, third-party risks, and other stakeholder risks and place the organisation in the best position to capitalise on new opportunities,

embrace advanced analytics and automation to measures management’s ability to work with automation, digitisation, data transformation and analytics.

Corporate values to guide management direction.

The Governance and Corporate culture days will focus on ethics and values if the regulatory guidelines fail. The 12 days will provide a diverse corporate and employee involvement and engagement for decisions on ethical implications and potential brand impact when adopting new technology, releasing a new product, or testing a new business model.

With the current corporate complexities, the legal team review for applicable laws to set the guidelines, cannot address how to categorise and measure the many GRC and IT risks and the third-party ecosystem to maintain a high degree of consistency and resilience and performance.

Identify and manage risks across their organisation.

The aggressive collection and use of data and new technologies like IoT, AI and machine learning create unknown data integrity risks for companies in every industry by elevating risk management with advanced controls.

The new data integrity crisis

We will extend compliance during the GRC Days, Data Protection IT security and risk management to address the many GRC issues with subjects and topics that matter. We will transform the GRC aspects to stay ahead of the digital disruption with roadmaps and frameworks to guide ethical behavior for rewards, reputation enhancements and GRC values on social media to encourage all stakeholders to re-establish trust in the business and organisation.

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