Sustainability is the backbone of the global corporate agenda. A green, environmentally responsive CSR/ESG strategy sends a strong message to stakeholders, investors, clients and all other benefactors of its importance.

The fallout from the pandemic has hurt economies and disrupted businesses in general. Still, companies with long-term ESG-centric business strategies that include robust and transparent sustainability reporting will be positioned to weather the future CSR/ESG storms.

Sustainability report where the company or an organisation discloses its social, environmental and governance performance and responsibility is mandatory in most countries. Some listed companies have made positive and encouraging improvements; however, there is room for improvement in many cases.

At the Global CSR/ESG Day on the 16th of February 2022, we review multiple areas where companies can
engage in sustainable practices, coordinate efforts and scale to address global climate and sustainability challenges.

The increasing merging of the corporate desire and commitment to combat climate change is now working in a fast-forward mode. Therefore companies need to engage with the global, regional and local stakeholders across all industries in pushing the sustainability and climate agenda, says Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer (CDL); UNGC, UNEP, GRI Board, UNDP, who is one of the keynote speakers at the Global ESG/CSR Day. Register here.

The subject of sustainability has gone beyond the legislation, boardrooms, communities and compliance.
Companies must nudge and get all stakeholders and managers involved to get familiar and get the right mix of the sustainability salsa

At the conference, five other speakers will guide how companies can become powerhouses that adopt the proper CSR/ESG framework that provides the climate-related disclosures that include a wealth of CSR/ESG data and information for ESG investors to make informed decisions.
How can the corporate board pioneer an ambitious carbon footprint with an ESG track record that contains a green potential, invest in the ecosystem and actively promote sustainability and reporting.

We invite you to participate in a free webinar
Topic: The Global CSR/ESG Day
Date: February 18, 2022, from 9:30-14:00 CET
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Get guidance on the CSR/ESG and Sustainability issues and components that specify decisions, rights, and accountability activities that encourage desirable corporate conduct. How can the multiple CSR/ESG and Sustainability components help assess the design, processes, and reporting/disclosures of the CSR data and information? Eight global experts from Singapore to Toronto will guide the procedures, roles, standards, and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of Sustainability issues and concerns to achieve the corporate goals. You can register to get the presentations event on-demand and get your CPE points as well.