It is more important than ever to have a good IT-Governance structure and control, as we are more exposed today to a much more complex IT environment than in the past. Therefore, the risk map needs to be redrawn continually and in different dimensions.

Some IoT Governance risk areas have emerged, such as the General Data Protection legislation’s compliance plan, an increased velocity regarding the Cloud services with the inherent risks for cyber-attacks and hacking. In addition, the inevitable digitalisation gives opportunities as well as business risks. The IT Governance risks and combined risks examples must be on the board of directors’ agenda – compliance, internal control, IT infrastructure and business risk linked to IT.

Be an IT Governance myth buster
There are no fully automated controls! History shows that there is always a human hand behind all checks and balances, direct or indirect. For example, fraudsters love to bypass the control environment, and inappropriate segregation of duties is one component that gives a foundation for increased risks of internal violations or mistakes.

Today, complex IT systems are often integrated with business partners. Its’ different IT-maturity level, such as within B2B, supply chain, outsourced activities to service providers, needs to be incorporated into the IT governance structure and under control. It is actual named internal control, not internal faith!

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