GRC-D Director certification masterclass

The training provides the participants with all issues covered in the previous training levels will include a broad range of areas addressed in the GRC Director Model, including;

  • GRC can form the foundation of the company’s operations on regulatory and corporate compliance;
  • Show GRC leadership in the workplace
  • Assist in building relationships with regulators
  • Identify risk and apply risk management to GRC processes
  • What Makes A Good Governance, Risk or a Compliance Director?
  • Execute GRC duties reliably and according to the strategies developed by management.
  • The creation of GRC inter-departmental synergies for growth and an improved bottom line.
  • The most effective line of defence is how the company addresses any breach through an efficient and effective compliance program.
  • Developing a risk culture by addressing the behavioural factors, change management
  • GRC Compliance training programs will build risk culture and provide templates for GRC training for your staff.
  • The GRC toolkit we offer after the seminar can be of incredible value to build GRC awareness, ethical culture, and establishing acceptable standards of GRC discipline, behaviour and how to mitigate risks
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