GRC-F Foundation certification masterclass

  • The eLearning training provides the participants with a broad range of areas addressed in the GRC Foundation framework and roadmap that guides the participants to understand and apply GRC processes to avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Definitions, structure Elements, value and stakeholders of an effective GRC program: impact on performance and sustainability, efficient, effective and responsive capabilities
  • A roadmap to implement GRC principles: how to embed GRC in the business
  • Importance of secure governance practices: the GRC decision-making process
  • Risk and compliance frameworks: GRC Capability Model, COSO 2013, COSO ERM 2017, ISO 31000:2019, ISO 19600:2014, PMBOK Guide
  • Integrating risk management, internal controls and compliance: the three lines of defence, assurance maps, Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed (RACI) role and responsibilities
  • Integrating GRC with information technology, business continuity plans, information security, data retention, access reviews
  • GRC tools and applications: solutions, enabling technology components, business process managers, dashboards, training, managing findings and incidents, fraud, workflows managers
  • GRC components going forward: machine learning, business intelligence, the blockchain, analytics GRC Compliance training programs will build risk culture and provide templates for GRC training for your staff.
  • The GRC toolkit we offer after the seminar can be of incredible value to build GRC awareness, ethical culture, and establishing acceptable standards of GRC discipline, behaviour and how to mitigate risks.
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