GRC-P Practitioner Certification masterclass

  • The GRC-P module provides the participants with a broad range of areas addressed in the GRC Model. The GRC practitioner is an expert in using internal and external standards to assess, execute, monitor and audit multiple GRC activities.
  • Since businesses are global, and risks become complicated, but so is regulatory compliance and global governance issues. How can audit support the GRC officers to achieve sustainable compliance
  • The participant upon certification will have a complete understanding, to assess and evaluate critical GRC components, practices and activities. The Copenhagen Compliance® GRC roadmap and framework is built to execute a risk-based audit plan for GRC performance, internal controls, ethics and integrity activities, including;
  • How to develop the customised GRC matrix management GRC structure for transparency, accountability, sustainability and Technology issues
  • Reduction in errors due to the GRC monitoring and GRC 3 lines of defence
  • Reduce operational costs by addressing duplication of efforts
  • Decrease staff turnover as all GRC activities are explained and understood
  • How to adapt more quickly to regulatory change
  • Enhances the reputation of the organisation
  • Understand the business and the accountability, role and responsibility of GRC to support the company issues.
  • Manage GRC compliance audits and projects
  • Evaluating emerging GRC risks and red flag alarms
  • What Makes A Good Governance, Risk or a Compliance Practitioner?
  • How to ensure continuous monitoring and business intelligence of data
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