IT and Cyber Security Certification Director Masterclass

  1. Step one. Decide On an IT and cyber Security Roadmap, Framework and Program
  2. Align and implement IT controls, measure, and map maturity to a defensible security program for business needs.
  3. Identify, implement or improve 10 security and risk management projects: data security strategy, Business-Aligned Cybersecurity Strategy, digitization, technology, cybersecurity, reduce IT risks, Defensible Data Security Budget, data security governance strategy, steps to implement IT and data security, deploying IT and cyber risk assessment
  4. How to Have an Engaging Conversation With Your CEO/Board About IT and cyber Risks
    1. The tools and narratives to get CEOs/Boards to keep them engaged.
  5. Balance Risk, Trust and Opportunity in an Uncertain World Of the pandemic, trade disputes, economic uncertainty
  6. How can digitalisation offer innovative means for navigating uncertainty in IT and cybersecurity
  7. Technology Risk and Cybersecurity Metrics for the Board and senior management
    1. The challenges, the need and the necessary characteristics
  8. Rebuilding Trust After a Security Breach on data privacy and trust. Plan, educate, execute and examine, internal and external steps to protect the corporate brand
  9. the tenets of DevOps; deployment models, technology threats, application security to achieve success in DevSecOps
  10. The Economics of Cyber Security: ‘Dismal Science’ for Security Decisions and balance digital business opportunity against cyber risk And security and risk dilemmas
  11. How to Respond to the 2020 Threat Landscape, by Optimizing prediction and prevention, Knowing when detection is required and Preparing to respond
  12. Establish, Maintain and Evolve a global Privacy Program with 60+ jurisdictions that follow a similar setup to maintain, evolving and share best practices, or pitfalls to avoid
  13. Combating the Insider — Understanding the Real Threat With tools and tactics need to be used to secure the business with insider threat mitigation programs.
  14. Creating a Defensible Data Security Strategy and a Data Risk Assessment
    1. Any business that creates, stores or processes data must identify, prioritize and mitigate business and financial risks.
  15. The Diversity Dilemma issues in tech, gender diversity, race and ethnicity with concrete actions for moving the problem
  16. CISO Effectiveness – The Four Facets of the CISO Role; boardroom issue, democratization of decisions, complex regulatory ecosystem, and CISO effectiveness.
  17. How to anticipate new cybersecurity threats and disruptive technologies, and different perspectives to drive compelling IT and cybersecurity communication
  18. When Ransomware Becomes Siege ware due to Connected systems in Smart Buildings, networks connected to allow for optimization, energy efficiency, and remote facility management.
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