IT and Cyber Security Certification Masterclass

  • Introduction to IT- and Cybersecurity Challenges
  • Review Of The IT- and Cybersecurity Challenges
  • Cybersecurity Framework For Enterprise Risk Management
  • Cyber Laws, Data Protection Cybersecurity Regulation
  • Unified IT and Cybersecurity Standards
  • Undertaking The Digital Transformation
  • Corporate Culture as a Rational Approach to Risk Management
  • The Components Of IT and Cyber Security And Risk Elements
  • Evidence-Based Assessment Of Cybersecurity Risks
  • Systematic (IT) Governance Of Cybersecurity
  • Embedding Cybersecurity Elements Into End-To-End Processes
  • Transformation Programs To Drive Innovation On Security/Technology
  • IoT, AI, Big Data, Cloud Security: Architecture And Solutions
  • Accountability And Transparency Challenges
  • Independent Cybersecurity Assessment And Verification
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