IT and Cyber Security Certification Practitioner Masterclass

  1. Risk Assessment Of The IT And Digital Business Landscape
  2. Digital Business Transformation Of The New Technology Adoptions And How To Assess The Emerging Risks
  3. Mastering Privacy, Transparency, Accountability, Data Subject Rights And Consent Management
  4. Practical Privacy Issues In Action That Has Placed Pressure On Organisations; The Top Three Mistakes, Top Three Capabilities, And Top Three Cyber Hacks
  5. Balancing The Right Level Of Controls In Regulations To Earn Stakeholder Trust And Turn Privacy From A Challenge To A Market Advantage.
  6. Application Of IT And Cybersecurity Risk Management And Risk Quantification
    1. Risk Quantification For Visibility, Decision Making
  7. The Corporate State Of Risk, Technology, Information, And Resilience Outlook
  8. Risk Management Practices Across Technology And Information Exposures For Organizational Resilience.
  9. How To Improve The Efficiency And Create Value By Identifying The Threats And Risks In Vendor Risk Management Life Cycle
  10. Incident Response Plans And Services For The Response Capabilities And Support
  11. How To Identify, Prioritize And Stay Current And Proactive In Addressing The Significant Security Challenges In Protecting The Enterprise Security, Deliver IT Services And Risk Management
  12. Exercise: How To Write And Developing A Recovery Plan That Actually Work In A Business Disruption.
  13. Identity And Access Management To Manage Risk And Enable Business Outcomes, Fraud Management And Autonomous Governance That Drive Opportunities And Challenges
  14. Developing A Successful IAM Program That Deliver Real Business Value, Improve Customer Retention, And Support Cyber Defence
  15. How To Create Compliance And Privileged Access Management And Authentication And Access Management?
  16. Creating Trust And Safety On The Internet To Protect Sensitive Or Proprietary Data, Social Platforms, Meaning, And Appropriate Measures
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