IT and Cyber Security Certification Professional Masterclass

  1. Top Trends In Security And Risk Management, The Strategic Shifts, IT Security Ecosystem, Industry Impact, Potential For Disruption.
  2. Top Technological Improvements In The Security Product Landscape To Create A Leading Security Organization With Long-Term Trends To Influence The IT Security Strategy
  3. Effective IT Governance As A Cornerstone Of Security Programs And Ineffective Governance Is The Most Common Cause Of Failure.
  4. The Key Drivers For An Effective Security And Risk Leader; The Expectations, Demand, Regulatory Demands To Balance The Leadership Approach And Challenges
  5. What Works And What Doesn’t In Third Party Concerns In IT Security Outsourcing
    1. Pursuing Or Planning To Pursue A Vendor Consolidation Strategy To Improve Risk Posture And Optimize Security Operations.
  6. Devsecops Security Coaching, Supporting Successful Developer Security Outcomes Part Of The Developer Ecosystem And Improve Security Outcomes.
  7. Fighting Ransomware That Wreaks Havoc In Businesses Globally. Insights On How To Protect Business And Recover What Is Compromised
  8. Improve Cybersecurity Through Risk-Optimized Decisions And Balance Through Risk-Optimized Decisions And The Need To Protect The Business.
  9. Metrics That Matter For Enterprise Security, The Targeting, Outsourced Security Services, The Tools To Keep Up With Threats.
  10. Leadership Vision For Security And Risk Management 2021, Intervention To Digital Business Adoption To The Impact Of The Organizational Culture Of Running A Business.
  11. Why Identity And Data Security Are Paramount In A Cloud World, Infrastructure Security Emerging Trends On The Convergence Of Cloud, Identity And Data And Cloud Security
  12. Three Ways To Gain Support For Your Security Awareness Program; Persuasive Justification, Negotiation Skills, Support To Gain Organizational Support
  13. Five Cost Optimization Techniques Security And Risk Leaders Must Use In Uncertain Times, Cost-Optimization Plan, Navigating The Challenging Turn, And Balance Between Running The Business And Protecting The Business
  14. The State Of Artificial Intelligence In Security And Risk Management That Solves IT Security And Risk Management Challenges
  15. Security Program Governance Best Practices For Digital Transformation, Based On Accountability, Authority, Risk Management And Assurance.
  16. Beyond Agility To Anti-Fragility In Turbulent Times Due To Uncertainty, Volatility, Holistically Agile And Operational Methodologies Are Only Small Pieces Of The Solution.
  17. How To Groom The CISOs To Be Board Members, The Board’s Fiduciary Duties And GRC Components
  18. Developing An Agile Cybersecurity Program For The Post-COVID-19 World: Reset Their Business Strategies, Cybersecurity Risks And Challenges And Reengineer Security Programs For Agility
  19. Crisis Culture Hacking: How To Keep Employees Rational Over The Long Haul And Keep Them Positive And Motivated.
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