Corporate concerns about greenwashing must focus on more than inconsistent policies, incomplete disclosures and appropriate sustainability reporting frameworks and standards. The board and management must prioritise that the total sustainability concept is in the public interest, the goals are independently set, and procedures are established to follow due process.

For any ESG compliance and sustainability reporting to be credible, global standards that deliver transparency on impacts and accountability on sustainable behaviour must address the challenges of biodiversity, climate change, health crises, and inequality with the end goal in mind.

In addition, sustainability frameworks must have a definite reporting obligation to fully address greenwashing concerns that affect ESG ratings and rankings.

Credibility through sustainability accountability

‘Greenwashing’ concerns cannot be addressed without practical reporting standards. Therefore, identify the role of the various ESG standards, frameworks, ratings, and rankers to measure and manage the achievement of sustainable business practices.

Recent findings indicate that companies are either completely greenwashing their environmental claims or failing to disclose and communicate with stakeholders.

The global standard on sustainability, Esguiera, addresses the global legislation on corporate green transition, which is booming, so are the new revolutionary sustainability products, and great sustainability ideas are popping up in the global corporate and business environment.

Esguiera further addresses the legislation, standards, products and ideas for the global sustainability certification for CSR/ESG thinkers and companies in the green transition.

The Esguiera sustainability certification courses aim at decision-makers and practitioners who need inspiration and certification to succeed with the green transition.

Besides informing you of the ESG program, I would appreciate your cooperation with us in delivering the ESG certification for yourself, your network, or your company. Please let me know of your interest.

Demonstrate and document that the company has adequately addressed the greenwashing concerns and issues. Read the entire article and comply with the checklist here.

Read more about the certification framework here, and the the certification curriculum here, or watch a video here.