E-Compliance Templates, Policies, Procedures, Process (TPPP)

  • For GDPR Implementation we provide a toolkit with a complete set of mandatory and essential policies and procedures so that you can customise these to suit your requirements, level of maturity to living documents for staff reference and engagement for measuring, managing, monitoring compliance.
  • The E-compliance TPPP package for GDPR, GRC, CSR, BFC, E&I can be your one-stop-shop for the policies, processes, and procedures content to simplify your documentation process
  • Mandatory Policies And Procedures (20 Templates, policies and Procedures) €290,00 + VAT
  • Mandatory plus Essentials (40+ Policies, Procedures, Processes and Templates) €500 + VAT
  • The Full Monty (50+ Policies, Procedures, Processes, Templates+ GAP analysis and Assessment IT Tools) €690 + VAT

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