The Role of Management in The Continued Impact Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

It seems that the disruptive and devastating effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will continue to cost all companies and countries of the world. The disease has impacted our collective commercial mindset, including the capital markets, our daily business transactions.  Companies must accept, acknowledge, and find the longer-term solutions to the consequences as CORONA/COVID19 as […]

Another global watchdog enters the international bribery, and corruption arena

A first-ever enforcement action by the CFTC targeting foreign corruption lays the groundwork for cases involving other commodities traders. In a settlement with Vitol, the CFTC has advanced a legal theory linking foreign bribery with manipulation of U.S. derivatives markets, as the Derivatives Regulator CFTC, uses Dodd-Frank rule to target foreign bribery When a top […]

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