Another global watchdog enters the international bribery, and corruption arena

A first-ever enforcement action by the CFTC targeting foreign corruption lays the groundwork for cases involving other commodities traders. In a settlement with Vitol, the CFTC has advanced a legal theory linking foreign bribery with manipulation of U.S. derivatives markets, as the Derivatives Regulator CFTC, uses Dodd-Frank rule to target foreign bribery When a top […]

2021 Is The Year Of Continued Adult Learning And Training Focus

In all our online e-learning courses, we provide guidance not only on the subject matter but how to learn, apply and sustain the content through training and awareness. Each of the on-line e-learning seminar(s) consists of: pre-reading material, 150-250 slides presentation with notes on each slide, trainers speak on each of the 15-25 chapters, 15-25 […]

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