The Board of Director Masterclass Certification – Foundation

Corporate Governance Risk Management, Compliance, and IT-Security Essentials. The Foundation course focusses on the implementation, execution and monitoring of GRC and IT security issues and consists of the following chapters.

  • Identifying the major components in developing and executing governance, risk management, compliance & IT security strategy
  • The business philosophy of GRC; Guidance to senior management, divisions, and departments’ role across the organisation to work in agreement with the GRC strategy and a comprehensive view
  • The accountability, responsibilities, legal, ethical, structure, purpose, role, mechanisms, and function related to GRC and IT security processes and issues
  • The GRC Framework; Structure, responsibilities, process, communication, mechanisms
  • IT stewardship and management; Understanding the company’s total risk exposure of a cyber-attack, including IT, technology, financial, legal, and reputational impacts
  • Developing the board competences, cyber breach simulation and the procedure for non-compliance when GRC Privacy, Data Protection IT and Cybersecurity issues are at stake
  • Developing and approving the company’s Risk policies that affect the uncertainties of business objectives with a complete overview of International Best Practices and Global Compliance procedures related to GRC, Privacy, Data Protection IT and Cybersecurity
  • Cultivate the company governance culture, policy, processes, and regulatory compliance to determine the structure by which companies oversees and manages privileged access to GRC, Privacy, Data Protection IT and Cybersecurity
  • The collaboration and sharing of information, assessments, statistics, risks, investigations, lessons learned and breaches that provide a complete picture of risks and compliance to identify relationships in the company’s business environment by handling and monitoring critical GRC, Privacy, Data Protection IT and Cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Developing or evaluating the company’s GRC, Data and IT culture and creating benchmarks and thresholds on GRC issues; How to assess the critical business assets and analytical parameters, including third parties and supplier risks
  • The board has leveraged third-party expertise, or independent assessment (as described in the corporate Cyber-Risk Oversight Handbook), to validate that the GRC, Privacy, Data Protection IT and Cybersecurity risk management program is meeting its objectives
  • Develop a long-term investment plan to create and maintain a sustainability, consistency, efficiency, and transparency strategy across the organisation for the risk management team, audit, compliance, IT, ethics, finance and cybersecurity and others
  • Training and Awareness; The GRC, Privacy, Data Protection IT and Cybersecurity awareness message from the Board and Senior Management and communication to all stakeholders
  • Identifying appropriate and meaningful GRC, technology and cyber metrics, with an annual plan to evaluate, categorise, and recognising the GRC, Data Privacy, Data Protection IT and Cybersecurity incident and response plan
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