The global standard on ESG and Sustainability, Esguiera, has seen the ESG/CSR light because the international legislation on corporate green transition is booming; so are the new revolutionary sustainability products, and great sustainability ideas are popping up in the global corporate and business environment. These three developments combine complexity, confusion, and duplication of efforts.

To address the above issues, The Corporate Governance Institute by Copenhagen Compliance has developed Esguiera training and certification to avoid ESG misinformation and clarify the distinction between standards, frameworks, rankings and ratings, and corporate approach and management purpose differences.

  • Esguiera clarifies from the start that the corporate sustainability landscape must have a clear direction and a strategic goal that provides compliance standards, sustainable frameworks, and guiding principles. Esguiera further ensures that sustainability standard settings are aligned, supports improvements in corporate accountability, and responds to the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Esguiera integrates ESG-related risks into the risk management frameworks with critical objectives of transparency, accountability, stress-testing on standards, ESG risk management, exposures, reporting and sustainable monitoring.
  • For any ESG, compliance and sustainability reporting must be credible. Esguiera is a global standard that delivers transparency on impacts and accountability on sustainable behavior.
  • Esguiera addresses the challenges of biodiversity, climate change, health crises, and inequality with the end goal in mind.
  • In addition, the Esguiera sustainability framework defines the reporting obligation to fully address greenwashing concerns affecting ESG ratings and rankings to measure and manage sustainable business practices.

Therefore, The Corporate Governance Institute by Copenhagen Compliance has developed Esguiera to address the legislation, standards, products, and ideas for the global sustainability certification for CSR/ESG thinkers and companies to facilitate the green transition.

The Esguiera sustainability certification courses aim at decision-makers and practitioners who need inspiration and certification to succeed with the green transition. You can find the certification framework here, and the certification curriculum here, and watch an introductory video.