The Board of Director Certification Masterclass

How can GRC align the lack of monitoring, overview and control in business processes and improve the relationships with partners, stakeholders, and employee actions regarding IT systems and procedures to be an efficient and manageable organisation.

The Board of Director level of Masterclass certification assembles the executive role and responsibilities related to the corporate impact assessment of the GRC, Data Privacy, Data Protection and IT and Cybersecurity subject matters and the disclosures and reporting to senior management and the board of directors. The primary focus is on the organisations’ performance, risk management, compliance and the charge of the company’s business as seen by the stakeholders. The globally oriented, syllabus is based on components and operational decisions on GRC and IT security strategies, and how to meet the statutory obligations in an intuitive Compliance program. The presentations, lectures, case studies on strategic and contemporary GRC/Data Privacy, Protection and IT Security issues include.

  • Hands-on exercises and practical workshops for applied knowledge and better decision making
  • Stimulations through workshops, exams, assignments, contests
  • Rigorous academic and practical curriculum for a multi-disciplinary approach to align strategic global GRC/Data Privacy and IT Security accountability, transparency, and documentation issues.
  • State-of-art knowledge integrated and systematic approach to spark GRC innovation and creativity, making the participant view Compliance from various angles.

The four masterclass certification modules are:

  • Module 1: Foundation: Corporate Governance Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security Essentials
  • Module 2: Officer: The composition of an effective directorship; the spectrum of needs, structure, and committees
  • Module 3: Professional; The Components an active Board; accountability, responsibilities, legal, ethical and integrity requirements, and performance contribution
  • Module 4: Director: The Configuration of Board Excellence; Structure, purpose, role, mechanisms, and function

Participants are provided with extensive pre-masterclass reading material for the Directors certification seminar that includes a set of board documents on the above issues.

Thesis and Dissertation: At the end of each module participants will write a project study in the form of a thesis or dissertation to document the practical exposure on GRC/Data Privacy, IT Security related topic or subject. The project topic can be chosen from any of the subjects covered in the Masterclass syllabus. The Thesis/Dissertation exercise provides an opportunity for the participant to demonstrate research, originality independently and to implement into practice terms the knowledge gained from the Masterclass. The detailed guidelines for Thesis/Dissertation, including several titles and subjects with be provided during the presentation of the modules.