Cyber threats: Get control of you IT-, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities

The organisations’ operations, earnings, and competitiveness have never been more dependent on data and IT – which in turn is becoming more and more complex and coherent. At the next GDPR reboot online seminar, we provide the opportunity to dive into specific topics on three different IT and Cybersecurity tracks within GDPR, awareness training, current threats vulnerabilities and much more.

Current IT and cyberthreats need a clear strategy to ensure business continuity.

  • What do you do when the attack has happened?
  • How do you secure yourself in the cloud and with backup?
  • Where are the low-hanging fruits?
  • And what about the Data Privacy, Data Protection and GDPR?

As many organisations than ever before are being subjected to cyber-attacks by hackers and we need to be proactive and find new ways and methods so that the cybercriminals that can exploit to infiltrate corporate IT systems and databases. It costs millions if the hackers shut down the entire operation for a long time.

IT and cybersecurity is a critical business area. One of the most important disciplines for IT managers, CISO, DPO, is to continuously take stock of the rapidly changing threat landscape, take the temperature of the IT security environment and go in-depth with the latest trends, solutions and tools in the field.

Current threats and Strategy

The most vicious hackers work both to make money (phishing, ransomware, industrial espionage, etc.) and are attracted to be outsourced for political motives (cyber warfare, surveillance, destructive attacks on infrastructure).

These changing motives and methods use the very latest in artificial intelligence, which is gaining ground in the hacker market – but organisations must protect themselves by finding solutions to the following simple questions:

  • What can we use AI for?
  • What are you keeping an eye on right now?
  • How to find out that you have been hacked?
  • What is hot among the hackers right now.
  • What is essential right now – for the business and its operations?
  • How much should the different parts be protected? And with what?
  • And what do we do when the attack comes

At the next GDPR reboot online seminar on the 9th September 2020 at 14:30 CET, we will discuss the corporate IT security efforts based on a strategic consideration that requires technology, alarm systems, surveillance systems – even those that monitor the surveillance systems.

Business Continuity

At the seminar, we discuss how to ensure that business operations are re-established as soon as possible when the disaster strikes – how can cloud suppliers and third parties minimise the damage and as far as possible keep production running.

How to develop a sustainable contingency plan with scenario planning that can be launched immediately when the cyberattack happens, so everyone knows what to do so that management is in control of the data, data flow and other processes.

And finally, management must place significant emphasis on providing support for training and awareness of ALL the company’s employees, who usually form a weak link in the chain, no matter how solid a technical bulwark you have set up.

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