Get Certified, Get Recognised, Get Approved and even Get Promoted!

The current volatile and complex business environment requires the organisation to stay competitive. Comply with multiple regulations and address numerous corporate uncertainties as they unfold. Therefore, as an individual or as management is essential for the business to achieve excellence to tackle the unpredictable, ambiguous, challenging, and unclear environment.

The E-Compliance Academy offers a wide range and multiple seminars based on decades of industry experience. The primary focus is always on the critical issues of Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT security as an umbrella that ensure the completive edge for any market and compliance required by all stakeholders.

Certification is not a guarantee.  Currently, the focus is on Data Privacy, Data Protection and IT and Cybersecurity. Earlier, there was a tremendous demand for sustainability certification for the corporate processes and projects. Since each company’s maturity level, strategy, and problems vary, the solutions needed a change from time to time.

Therefore, we support the need by working consciously, actively and intelligently to address the holistic need considering the training and awareness process. The pre-reading material, the exercises and the exams needed for the certification are harvested. It makes the most sense for the individual instead of getting the certification quickly without understanding the subject matter’s core issues and the customised solutions needed for the company.

By design and default phases. To ensure a healthy balance between compliance and economy of the training project we consciously choose a holistic approach, balanced with robust pre-reading materials from the start of the certification process so that the participant gets the expectations fulfilled from the entire certification process.

Specifically, we are working on applying life cycle assessments of the GRC and IT security

The incentives for each certification can vary depending on the issues at hand for the organisation and the career path for the individual. Corporate certifications are needed to increase the commercial value, sustainability focus for investors, or risk and compliance requirements from third parties.

One of our online or classroom training, especially the customised corporate Protector/ Promoter/Champion programs for training and awareness

  • Article 47 requires relevant data protection training for personnel with permanent or regular access to personal data.
  • Article 37, in the GDPR, includes among the tasks of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) awareness-raising and training of staff involved in the processing operations).

We take an active position on the legal compliance requirements with the specifications of the GDPR. We further ensure that these in-house training sessions are reconciled at an early stage and continuously monitor the development.

Documented certifications. In most training sessions we also deliver a set of policies, procedures, and templates as optimisation tools to use the templates freely as a platform to customise the knowledge and inspiration about sustainable GRC and IT security issues in general and the subject matter.

The cost. The costs can vary from project to project; however, the primary charge is 290 Euros per day, including certification. The participants stay well-connected, and that certification is a practical way to create transparency around several GRC and IT security considerations in each certification.


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