Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and IT Security to improve Business, Privacy data and IT Performance

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and IT Security to improve Business, Privacy data and IT Performance

GRC is an integrated collection of processes, and capabilities to reliably achieve defined corporate goals, deal with insecurity, and act with ethics and integrity. We recommend that the focus on GRC frameworks is more than just the sum of individual processes, such as risk management or an internal control system. A structured GRC trajectory will develop sustainable corporate governance, which provides a solid foundation to drive innovation, digitisation, transformation and growth.

Despite the current Covid19 calamities, the digitalised global market will continue to create fast-changing trends and frequent market fluctuations, when the Coronavirus dust has settled down.

Stakeholders and Investors will expect continual, and profitable growth with stronger accountability and transparency requirements while the growing regulatory pressure on compliance will not cease.

Operational excellence and competitive advantages

In this complex scenario, successful executives are expected to have lofty expectations on themselves and their team and provide an inherent drive to make prudent, and transparent decisions based on GRC and IT security data.

Follow a training program to establish a comprehensive education and awareness strategy for GRC. Companies can master these GRC challenges effectively and efficiently and at the same time tighten integration of GRC processes to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantages:

  • Corporate Governance
    Corporate governance defines the guidelines for enterprise risk and compliance management. The goal is to achieve a uniform, binding methods and guidance for the board of directors, management and all employees.
  • Risk Management

An enterprise risk management program will help to implement these governance and compliance mandates in the corporate processes. It focuses on an iterative cycle of collecting, documenting, monitoring and analysing enterprise risks by keeping risks under control.

  • Compliance
    Compliance risks are integrated into the GRC management framework, by allocating various control measures in the internal control system to ensure a methodology of fulfilling internal and external requirements.
  • IT Governance

By using the components of IT Governance to manage the various Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Management processes, to ensure proper management of all IT systems and processes that support the business operations.

  • IT Security

IT Security the culture, policies, processes, laws, and above all the controls that define and monitor the IT infrastructure by which companies are directed and managed.

IT security supports the risk management environment with coordinated activities to direct, monitor and control the organisation to demonstrating compliance to policies, laws and regulations

 GRC is a collection of management capabilities

GRC as a  collection of management capabilities will achieve the set goals, deal with uncertainty, and act with corporate ethics and integrity. The above five -part approach will build an effective, compliant, complete, future-proof solution to manage risks and opportunities across the entire organisation. GRC and IT security requires a strong collaboration among all stakeholders including resources, processes and technologies to align and integrate governance, management, performance, risks and compliance.

The expectations for performance will be higher than ever.

Since 2005, Copenhagen Compliance(r) has helped to establish sustainable GRC and IT security processes to companies to develop frameworks that master the challenges and use their GRC strategy to generate substantial business benefits. GRC is an integrated collection of capabilities to reliably achieve defined goals, deal with insecurity, and act with integrity.

Our courses and seminars view GRC as more than a sum of individual processes, risk management and the internal control system. GRC is a path to develop sustainable corporate management, to provide a solid foundation to drive innovation and growth in companies.

Let our GRC training program guide, support and challenge you and your team with a awareness journey to build the basis for generating measurable value from GRC and IT Security processes.

The consistent training and awareness GRC program simplifies GRC complexity defines local and global rules and guidelines, guarantees sustainable implementation, fosters teamwork,

generates synergistic effects and provides strategic guidance to ensure fast results by saving time to develop templates with preconfigured GRC-processes, for progress from the current level of maturity to business excellence.


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