The Corona pandemic and a corporate non-compliance or cybersecurity breach

All companies and governments are confronted with Hobson’s choice dilemma: risk the virus infection spreading to the entire corporate system as it has in most countries, or impose an unprecedented quarter total lockdown causing tremendous financial-, socio-, and economic disruption.

Every country and business in the world is struggling the novel corona-virus and cybersecurity in its way, facing devastating consequences. In both instances, we are producing computer models of how the computer or corona infection will spread and how many human and financial casualties the companies must face.

Responsive and efficient reaction to the breach

Incorrectly managed, Risks do not disappear; they move around to other blind spots in processes or transactions. Just as during a vulnerable cyber breach, data scientists and researchers are struggling to understand the nature and consequences of the virus and try to minimise the risks of total economic disruption.

In both cases, the victims face an acid test of each corporations quality of cybersecurity processes, controls and safeguards to contain, measure, manage and monitor the virus from spreading and continue to have to access the markets.

Many companies and countries are faced with the uncontrolled spreading of the virus due to neglected (IT) infrastructure, inflexible, complex, procedural, and complicated bureaucracy (management) to provide a responsive and efficient reaction to the infringement of the well-functioning compliance scenario.

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