There is too much at stake not to address adequate IT and cybersecurity a priority.

This is a recipe on how to start a cyberspace journey that corresponds and addresses the IT- and Cybersecurity measures that evolve several IT and cybersecurity taxonomy and policy issues. We investigate how to analytically understand and reason most IT and cybersecurity policy issues, whether in a legacy or new IT or data system.

There are no blueprints, one-size-fits-all IT and cybersecurity standards or frameworks that provide a magic bullet. Therefore, every company/organisation need to come-to-terms, with IT and cybersecurity issues in a structured manner;

  1. Establish references to address the multiple current corporate concerns as a Foundation for your journey.
  2. Start with a Roadmap to identify the success blocks
  3. Customise a Framework for standards, guidelines, and best practices to manage the risks
  4. Classify systems, platforms, and applications for digital transformation initiatives
  5. Categorise data and databases for integration.

You can then interpret the IT and cybersecurity directives, policies, and procedures to address the changing landscape, see the issues from a multidimensional perspective on technology, monitoring, controls, and to verify and validate the progress and performance.

Cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $8.64 million

Later you can identify/address the security layers of detail and frame the vulnerabilities, long-term strategy, optimise the defences to reduce the enormous costs of a data breach. (in the U.S. ca. $8.64 million).

While cyber insurance can help cover costs related to security incidents and recovery, it does not support the organisations that have sloppy security. Before securing the insurance, the description of the implementation, execution, monitoring, and the performance documentation will be determining the premium to be exorbitant, because Insurers require cyber-hygiene assessments. At times even certifications and probably refuse to cover data breach events that could have been avoided.

Overall IT and cybersecurity decision-making process

Therefor effectively addressing IT and cybersecurity challenges requires an effective plan of action that addresses the overall IT and cybersecurity decision-making process with perspectives on the complexity of security issues combined with clear goals on how the organisation is monitoring the cyberspace to ensure that the systems, data and network does not result in unintended consequences.

Cybercriminals are the trigger-happy cowboys in the wild west

Unfortunately, the laws and mandates are not updated to prosecute cybercriminals, and the large companies like FB, Google, Amazon, Twitter MS and others are also spectators that witness and are affected to the same number of cyber casualties.

There is no Magna Carta or a cyber constitution, and the cybercriminals are like cowboys in the wild west. Therefore, IT governance components are needed to be identified to address the lawlessness and stakeholder cautiousness to operate in parallel. At the same time, helpless those without the above structure might be victims or bystanders that frequently succumb to cyberattacks and breaches.

Without digitisation and transformation, the company is dead

The corporate solution then lies in the balance between own control and monitoring of the cyberspace operations and maintaining the flexibility that is required for innovation. And recognise the factors that led to today’s cyber insecurity with the development of Cybersecurity policies for the necessary digitisation and transformation as, without it, the company will probably cease to exist after the next decade or so.

The pace of change in data, IT and cyberspace are accelerating so fast that those engaged in cybersecurity policy issues may find multiple gaps for themes. This assessment must be thorough to potentially include all course of actions that are clear of any potential IT and cybersecurity obstruction.


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