Securing unstructured data to regain control after COVID.

The Corona pandemic and a corporate non-compliance or cybersecurity breach is a significant issue

Data Privacy, Data Protection, GDPR, IT and Cybersecurity is not just about databases. All enterprises are likely to have vast amounts of unstructured data that needs to be addressed. Very often, unstructured data may be ruled out of scope for GDPR, despite the plethora of mail attachments, social media logs, chat archives, cloud file storage, etc.

  • Define rules about what constitutes PII in your organisation
  • Identify and document islands of unstructured data
  • Regularly index and flag data that contains probable PII or other sensitive data
  • Enable the owners to review flagged data items and decide to keep, move, delete, encrypt, etc.
  • Produce overview dashboards with KPIs to department heads, general management and your DPO

Responsive and efficient reaction to the breach

Incorrectly managed, Risks do not disappear; they move around to other blind spots in processes or transactions. Just as during a vulnerable cyber breach, data scientists and researchers are struggling to understand the nature and consequences of the virus and try to minimise the risks of total economic disruption.

In both cases, the victims face an acid test of each corporations quality of cybersecurity processes, controls and safeguards to contain, measure, manage and monitor the virus from spreading and continue to have to access the markets.

Many companies and countries are faced with the uncontrolled spreading of the virus due to neglected IT infrastructure, inflexible, complex, procedural, and complicated bureaucracy (management) to provide a responsive and efficient reaction to the infringement of the well-functioning compliance scenario.

Participate in one of the free webinars every second Wednesday on GRC /GDPR, IT Security issues for guidance, knowledge and the sharing of hands-on experiences. We want to invite you and your colleagues/network to the free topical and timely webinar.

  • Get inspiration and ideas on how to leverage risk management, operational resilience, technology and innovation
  • Perform compliance with integrity, including training and awareness to ensure that everybody in the organisation addresses the challenges
  • Be inspired from the comfort of your office/home, and learn the topical and timely lessons on GRC, GDPR and IT-SECURITY.

The next free seminar os on the 8th Of July 2020 at 14:30 CET

  • Structured And Unstructured Data
  • The Data Source And Data Transactions
  • Addressing The Issues Of Data-Wrapping, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Lake

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12th of August 2020

  • GDPR, Data Privacy, Data Security, IT And Cybersecurity And The ISO Standards
  • The Ongoing Processes Of Cyber Security And GDPR Compliance
  • The GDPR Impact, How Can Companies Adjust?

9th of September 2020

  • Re-Defining Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Phishing And Cybercrime: Current Trends And Challenges
  • Recovering From A Breach: Back-Up, Recovery, Learnings And Best Practice

14th of October 2020

  • Enterprise Data Storage: Best Practice And Management
  • What Happens When The Unthinkable Happens:
  • Coping With Ransomware Attacks That Make The Headlines



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