Webinar on data minimization and cleaning up in unstructured data

Held 19th MAY at 15:00 – 16:00 CET

Many have tried lots have failed in giving employees the responsibility for GDPR cleanup in mail and file drives. In practice, however, it is an impossible task to undertake, and the responsibility remains with the management.

In particular, cleaning up unstructured data in email, file drives, SharePoint, and Onedrive is causing problems.

The D&M Compliance Toolbox has analyzed over 1 billion dataset across different sectors and developed an easy and efficient way to automate GDPR cleanup.

On the webinar you will get demonstrated:

  • How to operationalize an overarching GDPR policy to completely specific plains rules that can even be automated
  • How to identify which documents do not comply with the company’s data policies and which do not
  • How the D&M Compliance Toolbox can use standard MS Office functionalities to flag risky documents
  • How employees can easily get an overview of their own data
  • How GDPR project owners in the company can monitor the overall GDPR efforts and its results in real time e.g. in PowerBI
19th MAY at 15:00 - 16:00 CETData minimization and cleaning up in unstructured dataLink to PDFLINK


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