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GDPR Compliance

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Coverletter for the February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends, These are not normal times. Implementing proper IT Governance is essential. All companies must tighten up their cyber-security protocols for their remote workforce. In the past, the conventional wisdom on cyber-security was to play defence and respond quickly to breaches. The new policy is to be proactive, conduct scenario planning exercises and ensure […]


The Board of Directors (BoD), Senior Management and CxO must provide the confidence and stability and take the appropriate level of IT Governance that includes the components of Risk Management, and compliance to comply with all IT- and Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Data Protection, issues and processes. In many (new) compliance mandates there is an explicit […]

Schrems II experience for Taking Actionable Steps to make a Data Transfer Roadmap

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) identified five legal use cases and Two Schrems II Unlawful Use Cases, in the recently released Schrems II Guidance 01/2020. Organisations have been eagerly awaiting this guidance, particularly concerning what kinds of additional safeguards could be applied to data to allow cloud processing and global data transfers to continue […]

Management, minds and thoughts

Managing contract risk during a pandemic

How the coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to strengthen contract terms and implement better risk management tools There are a growing number of instances in which inappropriate contractual arrangements have been trigged by the coronavirus pandemic, causing unnecessary disputes with third parties and compensation losses. Such differences can decrease the chance of recovering pre-existing profitability […]

Critique of the proposed EU directive on Sustainable Management

The primary criticism is that the original report and the subsequent paper that will form the directive does not comply with the EU principle of subsidiarity (EU legislation to solve a problem if the Member States cannot solve the problem themselves) and that there are multiple unserious proposals on sustainability and that the initiatives must […]

Governance, managing and controls

Use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to structure the data

Many organizations have done a pretty good job of analysing and interrogating structured data, but if you dump some contracts and medical literature and relevant law material together, that’s unstructured, and the ability to analyse & rationalize that data is one of the benefits that AI can bring to the table AI can enhance complex […]

The Corona pandemic and a corporate non-compliance or cybersecurity breach

All companies and governments are confronted with Hobson’s choice dilemma: risk the virus infection spreading to the entire corporate system as it has in most countries, or impose an unprecedented quarter total lockdown causing tremendous financial-, socio-, and economic disruption. Every country and business in the world is struggling the novel corona-virus and cybersecurity in […]

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