Dear GDPR, GRC, IT-and Cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Dear GDPR, GRC, IT-and Cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Despite the Corona Covid19 corporate clutter, 2020 will be another dynamic year for data privacy in general and more specifically a year for where the Board of Directors, Management and GRC Executives will focus on Data- Privacy, protection and IT -Security issues.

As the 2nd anniversary of GDPR approaches on the 25th May 2020, new privacy regulations have come into force in the form of the California Consumer Privacy Act and Brazil’s LGPD. India will also pass its comprehensive privacy legislation and so will some additional African and Asian countries.

Additional mutual adequacy decisions between the European Union will enable the transfer of personal data between the countries without other legitimising measures, such as the EU’s standard contractual clauses for data transfers as Japan and New Zealand got it in 2018.

Many companies are concerned and are working on the consequences of 5G, big data, IoT and artificial intelligence to focus on Data and IT Governance and ethics frameworks to implement data integrity by design into their processes, as part of a lateral privacy function and how to use the new global best practices to test cases across the board to evaluate the effectiveness of some of the detailed regulatory requirements in areas of notice, consent, data access and data portability that have traditionally been governed by more principles-based legislation.

Privacy professionals around the world will continue to spend a significant amount of 2020 to implement data privacy and security research platforms post COVID19 to address some of the most authoritative data privacy issues and get value and mileage out of the investment in Data- Privacy, protection and IT -Security issues.

We trust that you can proactively manage your organisations’ COVID-19 resilience program As all of the 12 articles in this newsletter addresses the Coronavirus issues. From most articles you can customise your own best practice solution and develop a step by step approach on how to plan, act, do and adapt all policies and processes to remain compliant in these challenging times and proactively manage the COVID-19 GRC/GDPR program for all stakeholders.

On behalf of

Team Copenhagen Compliance®

Kersi Porbunderwalla

President and CEO

E-compliance Academy


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