You will experience almost the same level of interaction, including group workshops, and solving exercises as in a regular face to face training. The Live Virtual Classrooms are designed, keeping the modern techniques to enhance your qualification and receive the qualification certifications from the comfort of your office or home, through our instructors with 20+ […]

Do you need a flexible e-learning platform to access compliance insight material any time?

In a fast-pacing, technology-oriented world, and the ever-increasing need to be updated on the many Compliance mandates, E-Compliance Academy https://www.e-compliance.academy/ together with The EUGDPR Institute www.eugdpr.institute and Information-Security Institute www.information-security.institute  provides the options to integrate technology and knowledge in support of continued professional education. All our GDPR, Data Privacy, Data Security IT and Cybersecurity online certification masterclass seminars […]

The payback time for the global privacy neglect from Facebook

Advertisers are boycotting FB Oversight authorities levy multiple fines for Data Privacy and Data Protections violations governments want to regulate social media platforms. Human rights groups worry that such laws could give sweeping powers to the government to disregard user privacy and turn the platforms into agents of the governments The above four issues are […]

Use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to structure the data

Many organizations have done a pretty good job of analysing and interrogating structured data, but if you dump some contracts and medical literature and relevant law material together, that’s unstructured, and the ability to analyse & rationalize that data is one of the benefits that AI can bring to the table AI can enhance complex […]

10-point Corporate Action Plan for Corona/COVID Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home on a sustained basis—many for the very first time.  This 10-point Corporate Action Plan for Corona/COVID Issues are right housekeeping items that all employees in the organisation must comply with. However, during these Corona times, with excessive cyber breach activity, it is in […]

Implementing, Executing, Monitoring, IT, Data and Cyber-Security Role, Responsibility, Accountability, Liability and Assessment

The responsibilities, accountability and the tasks of the Board of Directors and senior/executive management of both listed and privately owned and public companies has grown significantly. The primary focus of the Board is on the vision and strategy related to GHDPR, IT- and Cybersecurity, IT Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, (GRC) mergers and acquisitions and related […]

Securing unstructured data to regain control after COVID.

The Corona pandemic and a corporate non-compliance or cybersecurity breach is a significant issue Data Privacy, Data Protection, GDPR, IT and Cybersecurity is not just about databases. All enterprises are likely to have vast amounts of unstructured data that needs to be addressed. Very often, unstructured data may be ruled out of scope for GDPR, […]

Online classroom GDPR certification and refresher course

An online classroom GDPR certification and refresher course on the implementation, execution and monitoring of Data Privacy- and Protection compliance for the Practitioner The GDPR Practitioner Certification Course Sign up for the Practitioner certification seminar. The two-day online GDPR Practitioner certification course is essential for anyone who is involved in implementing, execution, supporting and monitoring GDPR […]

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