Cyber threats: Get control of you IT-, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities

The organisations’ operations, earnings, and competitiveness have never been more dependent on data and IT – which in turn is becoming more and more complex and coherent. At the next GDPR reboot online seminar, we provide the opportunity to dive into specific topics on three different IT and Cybersecurity tracks within GDPR, awareness training, current […]

The payback time for the global privacy neglect from Facebook

Advertisers are boycotting FB Oversight authorities levy multiple fines for Data Privacy and Data Protections violations governments want to regulate social media platforms. Human rights groups worry that such laws could give sweeping powers to the government to disregard user privacy and turn the platforms into agents of the governments The above four issues are […]

Managing contract risk during a pandemic

How the coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to strengthen contract terms and implement better risk management tools There are a growing number of instances in which inappropriate contractual arrangements have been trigged by the coronavirus pandemic, causing unnecessary disputes with third parties and compensation losses. Such differences can decrease the chance of recovering pre-existing profitability […]

Five tips on dealing with coronavirus threats for compliance officers

Protecting colleagues and their families has always been an essential objective of compliance. As coronavirus continues to shake the world to its core, it is critical to address how compliance officers can support their organizations according to global legal and safety requirements. Declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization, coronavirus raises challenging issues […]

How do you shape your risk and compliance program to create a risk-aware culture?

How do you shape your risk and compliance program to create a risk-aware culture? Compliance has traditionally been the driving factor behind many risk management initiatives within GRC, but risk and compliance are approached from very different perspectives. The scope of various jurisdictions and layers of regulatory authorities can be overwhelming and can quickly expand […]

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