Coverletter for the February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends, These are not normal times. Implementing proper IT Governance is essential. All companies must tighten up their cyber-security protocols for their remote workforce. In the past, the conventional wisdom on cyber-security was to play defence and respond quickly to breaches. The new policy is to be proactive, conduct scenario planning exercises and ensure […]

OneTrust invite: Hear from your local Chapter and Register to join PrivacyConnect  Gothenburg 

Join us for the upcoming PrivacyConnect Gothenburg on 23rd February to hear from our Chapter Chairs Andreea Lisievici, Head of Data Protection Compliance, Volvo Cars & Johan Engdahl, Counsel & Advokat, Advokatfirman Delphi. Register for PrivacyConnect Gothenburg, 23rd February. The Chapter Chairs will be joined by privacy expert panel including Hans Martinsson, DPO, CEVT, Igor Mate, Global Data Privacy Manager, Tetra Pak, and Fredrik Norberg, Privacy Consultant, Think Privacy who will dive into a deep discussion about […]


The Board of Directors (BoD), Senior Management and CxO must provide the confidence and stability and take the appropriate level of IT Governance that includes the components of Risk Management, and compliance to comply with all IT- and Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Data Protection, issues and processes. In many (new) compliance mandates there is an explicit […]

Schrems II experience for Taking Actionable Steps to make a Data Transfer Roadmap

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) identified five legal use cases and Two Schrems II Unlawful Use Cases, in the recently released Schrems II Guidance 01/2020. Organisations have been eagerly awaiting this guidance, particularly concerning what kinds of additional safeguards could be applied to data to allow cloud processing and global data transfers to continue […]

The invalidation of the criticised Privacy Shield was required.  

The Schrems II judgment was anticipated, with the belief that it was long overdue. Strengthening the standard of data protection, data transfers, the proactive role of oversight authorities and the affirmation of data subject and data protection rights are at the core of the GDPR. However, the judgment was practical in its approach as it […]

Risk Matrix To Reset Or Update Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) And IT Security Mandates

Board members, senior management and CxO and GRC Officers must develop the tools to navigate the current rather exceptional uncertainty levels. Post-Covid and Trump-era require that the global business landscape provide a collective response to accelerate globalisation, develop frameworks for digitisation, a proliferation of technology and address sustainability, climate change and biodiversity issues. To be […]

Get Certified, Get Recognised, Get Approved and even Get Promoted!

The current volatile and complex business environment requires the organisation to stay competitive. Comply with multiple regulations and address numerous corporate uncertainties as they unfold. Therefore, as an individual or as management is essential for the business to achieve excellence to tackle the unpredictable, ambiguous, challenging, and unclear environment. The E-Compliance Academy offers a wide […]

Reporting, notifying and disclosing a data breach or cybersecurity incident.

Insufficient fulfilment of data breach notification obligations and accelerated breach notification obligations for many trades (e.g. the banking organisations and bank service providers based on the new reporting requirements from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) […]

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